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EUJUS 14 lawyers’ first priority is to understand the commercial objectives of the clients, advising and updating them quickly and effectively with the ever-changing EU and national rules. Based in Brussels, with its lawyers also in Milan, Paris, Rome, EUJUS has impressive personal contacts in numerous law firms worldwide, which share EUJUS commitment to the clients and its win-win approach.

“…and the desert becomes a fertile field Justice will dwell in the desert and righteousness live in the fertile field.
The fruit of righteousness will be peace.”
(Is. 32, 15-17)

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Please be aware that 2,5% of EUJUS’ yearly gross turnover (that means 2,5% of your billing) is transferred to primary NGOs for development projects in third world countries. To be eligible, the beneficiaries NGOs undertake not to devolve >20% for administrative internal costs.