"The best value for money Law firm in Europe"


Our Approach


  • High quality work and great attention on our/your costs must always live together at EUJUS
  • Agile working and soft organisation is a key issue in our approach; no useless expenses, no business class EU flights, no 5 stars hotels, no fake hours will be charged.
  • We want to understand and make it clear from the very beginning the clients’ ultimate goal, by proposing the pros and cons of alternative legal solutions to win.
  • We feel ourselves as embedded lawyers always available to be deeply involved with the client’s people in complicated matters looking for solutions.
  • EUJUS wants to build a close, clear and constant relationship with its clients- based on mutual trust, transparent and clear money arrangements.
  • That is why in all new matters EUJUS agrees with its clients on reasonable and very attractive fees- for a win-win solution.
  • Win-win solution means that- the client pays fees as long as EUJUS wins the case.

Our two pillars

Focus on clients’ needs and very reasonable previously agreed fees.